ReLOAD Overview and Breakdown

Module 1:
Release and Realign

In this module you will learn how to release limiting beliefs and realign with your core values, principles and mission to understand what it is that truly drives you to success. We leverage techniques in business psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy to achieve breakthrough results quickly.

Module 2:
Limitless Success Matrix

Once you have released your limiting beliefs you are ready to set new goals based on a more clearly defined vision of the future you want. We learn techniques to anchor your new self-image at a subconscious level and daily morning practices you can engage in to ensure you are programmed for success.

Module 3:
Optimum Career Framework

You have set clear goals. Now you need to know the most efficient, optimal route for breaking down the barriers and nailing down the trajectory for achieving your career dreams. The 3 stages of this Optimum Career Framework will show you exactly how to go from where you are now, to where you want to go in your career while building confidence, authority and expertise along the way. 

Module 4:
Accelerating the 5 Pillars of Momentum

Once your trajectory is clear, you will need to optimize your energy and momentum to get there. This is your rocket fuel. Module 4 teaches you how to leverage your 5 sources of renewable energy through your mental, emotional, financial, physical and spiritual bodies to achieve long-lasting success. These are the secrets that high-functioning, high-performing CEOs use (and spend lots of money learning) to outpace the competition. This is a goldmine of useful information.

Module 5:
Dynamic Leadership Principles

This final module will prepare you will the skills and assets you need to ensure you are developing your leadership style, unique voice and management skills to be able to grow at a rapid pace along your career path. Learning these skills will allow you to consistently command higher salaries, faster promotions, attract exclusive networks and land the jobs and clients you truly want to work with.

Tuition is $6800 USD or 2 Payments of $3500 USD